3rd Annual Workshop

Third Annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

Syracuse University
September 18th-20th, 2015
500 Hall of Languages

Workshop Schedule

Friday, Sept 18th

9 am: Michael Otsuka, LSE, “How to Guard against the Risk of Living too Long”

Commentator: Mark van Roojen, Nebraska

Chair: Hille Paakkunainen, Syracuse

11: Richard Miller, Cornell, "The Ethics of Social Democracy"

Commentator: Nicole Hassoun, Binghamton

Chair: Meena Krishnamurthy, Michigan

12:45: Lunch Break

2:45: David Enoch, Hebrew University, “Political Philosophy and Epistemology: The Case of Public Reason”

Commentator: Sahar Akhtar, Virginia

Chair: Piers Turner, Ohio State

4:30: Break

4:45: Keynote: Seana Shiffrin, UCLA, “The Moral Neglect of Negligence”

Commentator: Andrew Williams (ICREA-Pompeu Fabra University)

Chair: Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green

7:30: Dinner: Phoebe’s Restaurant , 900 E. Genesee St

Saturday, Sept 19th

9 am: Kit Wellman, Washington University, "The Space Between Justice and Legitimacy"

Commentator: Jonathan Quong, USC

Chair: David McCabe, Colgate

10:45: Break

11:00: Ralf Bader, Oxford, “Counterfactual Justifications of the State”

Commentator: Peter Jaworski, Georgetown

Chair: Rahul Kumar, Queens

12:45: Lunch

2:45: Keynote: Elizabeth Anderson, Michigan, "The Problem of Equality from a Political Economy Perspective"

Commentator: David Estlund, Brown

Chair: Ken Baynes, Syracuse

4:30: Stroll at Green Lakes or free time

7:30: Dinner: Arad Evans , 7206 Genesee St.

Sunday, Sept 20th

9 am: George Sher, Rice, "Doing Justice to Desert"

Commentator: Jeffrey Moriarty, Bentley

ChairL Kristen Hessler, Albany

10:45: Break

11: Sanders Prize Winner: Keith Hyams, Warwick, “On the Contribution of Ex Ante Equality to Ex Post Fairness”

Commentator: Iskra Fileva, Colorado

Chair: Jon Mandle, Albany

12:45: Lunch

2:15: Seth Lazar (ANU-RSSS) and Laura Valentini (LSE), “Proxy Battles in the Ethics of War”

Commentator: Jessica Flanigan, Richmond

Chair: Elizabeth Cohen, Syracuse

4 pm: End of Conference

7 pm: Dinner: Lemongrass , 638 W. Jefferson St.

Conference web page: http://oxfordstudies.arizona.edu

Conference organizers: David Sobel, davidsobel3@gmail.com, Peter Vallentyne, vallentynep@missouri.edu, and Steven Wall, spwall@aol.com